Purchased a small property should be how to reduce the risk?

property-much cheaper than prices, so the price factor became the key factors driving many people buy small property. Buy House property is not valid, buyer interest is not protected by law. So, people who have purchased a small property on how small property? How to minimize purchase risk?

If you have purchased a small property, because countries do not issue certificates of title, which will lead to the buyers after a series of negative consequences. How best to preserve the property buyers ' interest? We can refer to the following solution:

, provided that the contract has been signed but has not yet obtained proof of ownership, and the House is building on the land, and buyers of non-residents, in view of the possible risks and legal risks, he may request the termination of the contract and return the amount of the purchase.

b, if you have purchased the houses built on the land and made the local township government-issued proof of ownership or land use certificates, and can live on your own or lease, or sold to a local household registration in.

third, if it is built of collective-owned construction land in the housing projects, professional institution commissioned to assess market risk and legal risk, shall, in accordance with the existing land management practices to complete land acquisition procedures and formalities in accordance with the provisions of the commercial housing projects submitted for approval and possible remedies.

melted 360 tips, country house property transactions in order to combat and eliminate, so its "positive" the possibility, however remote. Purchasing small property laws and policies risk, buyers had better not to buy them.

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