Councils will be published monthly by top 10 complaint mediation

on December 20, the Beijing construction Committee exposed the November complaints top 10 list of intermediaries, are not expected, I love my family, chains and other large agency list, I love my family more tops.

Councils said that future monthly public exposure was the top 10 real estate agency complaints, leading consumers to choose standardized intermediary. Position rankings are mainly based on the monthly total amount of complaints, but it does not mean that all complaints are violations do exist, some also confirmed the investigation of complaints. Verified complaint, according to related laws and regulations to punish violations of the intermediary.

mediation complaints mainly focus on such areas: incumbency and delays in the payment of client funds, usage not in accordance with the regulations Commission, failure to perform obligations and other aspects, such as delay in deposit or deposit, charge higher.

When asked why so many well-known intermediate list of problems, officials say I love my home, and high number of stores on our list have certain relations. Greater proportion of the leasing business, leasing business in the singular the more greater prospect of a complaint.

after 360 view, councils in Beijing the move will optimize the Beijing intermediary services, enhance service management plays an active role.


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