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Loan process
Loan process

loan process:

1, the borrower's loan application to the Agency, and submit related materials.

2, upon approval, the borrower and the institution signed a loan contract.

3, the agency implementing the loan conditions, according to prescribed procedures for the lending procedures, loan funds will be included in the borrower's account.

4, may grant to the applicant account after signing (20 minutes) to the account. 5, the loan closing, according to the institutional provisions of withdrawal delay procedures. Level 6, the needs of more than 1 million Yuan to the scene on the borrower's certificate and operating conditions to study the information audit and approval.

loans the information required:

1, personal loan: copy of ID card, residence booklet,

2, individual loans: identity card, residence booklet, copy of business license, tax registration certificate

3, corporate lending: corporate ID, register of legal persons, business license, tax registration certificate, corporate code copy

4, auto loans: loan application, and the spouse of the borrower copy of a valid identity document, proof of income, such as

5, comprehensive consumer loans: the copies of ID card, residence booklet, working and income certificate


6, education student unsecured loan: personal and spouse stay valid ID card or other valid identity document photocopy; educated people of the copies of ID card, attend schools abroad shall produce the copy of passport or permit people to education.

Note: (loan information provided audit clients contact the next day to call my company whether or not approved)

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